Xbox Series X and S: Prices and Release Date

While we were all waiting for a speech from Microsoft to announce the price and the release date of the Xbox Series X, it is Brad Sams and Windows Central who grill politeness at the American firm. Indeed, the journalist from thurrott and the site dedicated to the brand have just confirmed in quick succession the release of the Xbox Series S and the details of the launch of the two machines. So, the Xbox Series X will be released on November 10, 2020 at a price of $499 while the Xbox Series S will be launched at $299, on the same date! Best of all, Xbox All Access should be offered for both consoles worldwide.

Xbox Series S unveiled

Brad Sams therefore reveals the release of the Xbox Series S. After months, years of rumors, the entry-level version of the next Xbox is finally revealed. The latter is therefore half the size of the Xbox Series X and should be able to stand vertically or horizontally. Very close to the Xbox One S in its form, it will offer a less efficient architecture than the next Xbox Series X but will include next-gen elements. The RDNA 2, like the SSD, should be in the game and offer Ray tracing or Quick Resume to players. Be careful though, the console will not offer a disk drive.

Xbox Series X and S price and release date

On the side of Windows Central, it is the announcement of the release date and prices of Xbox consoles that has just leaked. The Xbox Series X will therefore represent the high end of the brand and will replace the Xbox One X in the shelves. The Xbox Series S will replace the Xbox One S in terms of price positioning. But the site confirms in passing that the two consoles will also be offered via subscription offers. Xbox will be launched in many countries around the world and will allow you to afford a new Xbox against a monthly cost of a 24-month subscription which includes a subscription to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live upon which you own your console. Not a rental, but a payment in 24 installments. Here is the price breakdown according to Windows Central

  • Xbox Series X: Releases November 10, priced at $499 or $35 per month for 24 months.

  • Xbox Series S: Releases November 10, priced at $299 or $25 per month for 24 months.

With such a proposal, Microsoft is aggressive. The manufacturer keeps the same pricing policy as for Xbox One S and Xbox One X, with two home consoles with different performance. But above all, with Xbox full Access, it democratizes access to the new generation to the greatest number with an ultra accessible monthly price.

Now it's up to Microsoft to officially announce all this information. What will you fall for?

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