Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure video game, which offers a unique and beautiful experience centered in medieval Japan.

Its landscape, camera modes, and combat pay homage to the cultural influence of samurai based motion pictures and manage to deliver an awe-inspiring tale for any fan of the genre.

The game is set in 13th century Japan, during the first Mongol invasion in Tsushima island, where Jin Sakai, head of the Sakai Clan, and our protagonist struggles against the Mongol invaders of the island and their commander Khotun Khan. His adventure is one of loss and tragedy, as well as determination to fight against all odds in the defense of his people and country.

Tsushima’s virtual re-imagined is a beautiful tribute to Japanese culture, with features such as fields, shrines, ancient forests, mountainsides, villages, and farms meticulously representing the Japanese way of life. This game is truly most enjoyed when taking its scenery in on horseback in preparation for a battle.

The game’s combat system is rich with features such as stances, dodges, parries, and special attacks which each poses an extra layer of complexity in regards to when applied. The ability to choose yourself how to approach a situation, be that as a ghost or samurai, gives the player enormous freedom in deciding how he exercises his power.

The limited health and adrenaline incentivize a careful approach in every instance but also don’t spoil the fun with punishingly hard difficulty. This, however, does not mean that the game doesn’t have flaws. Bad AI and clunky camera controls are an added frustration to an otherwise great combat system. This is quite evident when fighting in bad terrain or small spaces. Yet these problems never become overbearing, even in frustration.

The main story-line is an emotional roller coaster filled with samurai bravado and epic 1 vs 1 fights in a gorgeous landscape. However the same can’t be always be said for side quests, even if some in form of “ mythic tales” do challenge intuition of players and reward hard work with new gear, weapons, and abilities.

All in all, Ghost of Tsushima is an epic game that stands as a paragon in its genre and as a beautiful sendoff into next-gen consoles, as it embodies a standard that future samurai based games must aspire to.


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