Far Cry VI is the latest upcoming installment of this renowned action-adventure franchise, which is being developed and produced by Ubisoft. This game is no different in continuing the series’ tradition of great action and unforgettable villains.

The game is set on Yara, a Caribbean paradise reminiscent of Cuba, where a ruthless dictator-or el Presidente as he is known in those parts- clashes inevitably with freedom fighters as he sets off to build his envisioned paradise.

And amid all this social and political chaos, the player’s protagonist is bound to intertwine himself with the quest of toppling this authoritarian regime and the ramifications that stem from such an act.

This new Far Cry, although similar in concept, differs from its predecessors in a variety of ways. The production value and expansive outset of this world intend to bring this adventurous experience on a scale unparalleled before in the series.

A testament to this assessment is the casting of Giancarlo Esposito in the role of El Presidente and the inclusion of prominent screenwriters and musicians in the productions of this game. Another fascinating and original feature is the interplay between el Presidente and his heir son Diego, voiced by Anthony Gonzalez. Their interaction reveals a unique relationship between a dictator teaching his innocent son not only the methods of subjugation a people but also a philosophy that would make such a decision justifiable. Yet in a bare level Diego is a victim of circumstance, same as the revolutionaries seeking his father’s end. In this elaborate and morally relative environment, our protagonist must make his mark and hopefully choose the lesser evil.

Yara’s ecosystem, although fictional can help shade light into the nature of revolutions, their origin, and ramifications, as essential parts of understanding human history and development. In these regards, the new Far Cry explores daring themes, which are fresh, meaningful, and realistic in their depictions, even if it masquerades himself in a surreal environment.

The new iteration in the Far Cry series is expected to be released on February 18, 2021.

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