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Watchdogs: Legion

As the third installment in the series, Legion plans to be bigger and better than its predecessors.

This time Watch Dogs moves to London, where an “Orwellian type of government” seizes power and subjects its citizens to a life of terror through surveillance. In this peculiar predicament our protagonist, DedSec, must forge a path of mayhem and disruption until freedom can be achieved.

Watch Dog’s London will continue the series tradition of immersing players into a realistic depiction of famous and grotesque cities around the world, by encompassing important landmarks, boroughs, and different sub-cultural approaches.

At the same time, this approach also serves as a warning of the possibility of such dystopian outcomes being present in our own world through modern surveillance technology.

Legion’s plot focuses on the struggle of DedSec against Albion, private security that acts as the city’s law enforcement. However, unlike in previous titles, this iteration is not a purely single protagonist driven game. Instead, the player will be offered the possibility of playing with a different cast of characters, through special missions and tailor him his game-play experience.

When a character is recruited and becomes playable, he can be assigned one of three classes: hacking, stealth, or combat. Every class has an abundance of upgrades and special sets of tools that offer the player a dynamic and nonlinear experience that can potentially lead to not one but several campaigns reruns. Coupled with the different interesting backgrounds and unique abilities of characters you can meet and choose to play as, Legions rep-arability, intricate customization and depth of game-play is on a league of its own compared to his predecessor.

Another dynamic element of the characters is their proclivity to follow their routines when not being controlled by the player. It also can’t be stated enough, that each character you can recruit can be permanently lost throughout the course of a play through. Risk management and the game-altering changes that stem from it are a staple of this iteration of Watchdog and a challenge for players to improve upon when making difficult choices.

The game can be played in single-player fashion, as well as In cooperative game-play with up to four people, thus ensuring that it can cater to any type of player.

Watchdogs legion is expected to be released later this year on 29 October 2020.

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