The new Diablo IV quarterly update has introduced glimpses of the innovations and brand new mechanics that are to set this iteration apart from its predecessors. This update focused merely on describing the results of an analysis that the diablo team conducted during two-day game-play. They uncovered new features of the game with its open world, items and progression, storytelling, and multiplayer.

Storytelling has not typically been a strong point in the diablo franchise. Yet the devs seem to be putting extra effort into ensuring that in Diablo IV the way players interact with different NPC-s and perceive main and side quests will evolve. To achieve this goal they’re using a mix of tool-generated and manually choreographed cameras, in addition to real-time cut scenes.

The different movements with the camera aim to immerse the players with the world and characters, as well as continue to offer an isometric feel, characteristic in any Diablo game. While the real-time cut scenes are reserved for crucial story moments, in which the game morphs into a motion picture. They can also be displayed at normal resolution and graphics to make them a more seamless and immersive element of this open-world RPG.

The open world of Sanctuary is itself one of the new fresh innovations of the series. This fantastical realm is set to offer players not only a satisfying story campaign but also different side and activities to ensure that all of the game’s systems are put well to use. Whether reclaiming cities overrun by enemies, crafting new weapons, or PVP-ing Sanctuary’s world is bound to entice exploration and truly personal experiences.

To help navigate this vast open world faster, players will have at their disposal customizable mounts with which to roam and show off their most prized trophies. As for Multiplayer Diablo’s philosophy and design has always centered on a fine balance between individual immersion and multiplayer comradely. In this spirit, the game will include dungeons and key story moments that are exclusive to the player or his party but will transform towns into social hubs after certain stages during the game-play.

The option to play solo or in coordination with other players is intrinsic to Diablo and seamlessness between the two approaches is what makes the game’s style unique and uncompromising.

The progression and item choices are some of the most important elements of the diablo experience. Although this update didn’t go into the details, it reaffirmed that each decision in regards to progression and items will have a lasting impact on the game. The careful thought and attention in meticulous choices about play style are precisely what the devs intend on encouraging and what sets this RPG apart.

The June Diablo IV update is a major indicator of the direction that this beloved franchise is taking, as an open-world action RPG, while retaining the authentic feel of its predecessors.

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